Best Post Hole Diggers

A post hole digger is a tool used to make narrow holes in the ground to install posts for signs or fences. There are a couple of different types of post hole diggers available, and they are all designed to dig more or less or the same kind of hole.

One type of post hole digger has two blades attached two long handles. The blades are connected at a pivot point. Holding the handles close together, you drive the blades into the ground. Once the blades are completely buried, pull the handles apart, closing the blades.

Pull the blades straight up out of the ground with the chunk of earth between the blades. Repeat this process until the hole is deep enough for your post.

The other, slightly simpler style of post hole digger is a post hole auger. The auger style hole digger creates a deeper hole. The hole can be dug as deep as the shaft creating a much neater hole that’s well defined.

Using post hole diggers allows you to install your signs or posts in the right-sized holes with less effort and hassle than manually digging the hole with a shovel.

1. Bon Tool 14-854 Heavy Duty Steel Post Hole Digger with Fiberglass Handle

This post hole digger has 48-inch fiberglass handles with grips on the end for convenience and comfort. Utilizing a modern design, the blades close tightly and remove more soil for a faster and better result. The 40 percent decrease in the handle travel means less effort is needed while digging a hole.

The unit features 12-gauge metal blade that close tightly when removing the soil, creating small mess and making for a cleaner hole. The blades are pointed allowing for a clean cut hole for your post. The blades are 7.5 inches apart, creating a standard size hole for sign or fencing posts.


  • Very sturdy
  • Easy to use
  • Great design
  • Well made


  • 10.5 lbs
  • More expensive than others

The Bon Tool Heavy Duty Steel Post Hole Digger has been designed to require minimum effort with optimum results every time. Overall, it’s a nice one post hole digger and a good buy.

2. Seymour DG-16 6-1/2-Inch Post Hole Digger

This post hole digger comes with a specially designed handle that prevents you from injuring your knuckles when borrowing holes. The handles are offset allowing you to dig a hole a full foot deeper than a conventional post pole digger.

The metal blades come conveniently pre-sharpened and cut through the ground just like butter. The blades are welded to the base making the post hole digger stronger and more durable. This digger has an amazing design that won’t corrode because of it is powder coating.


  • Good solid construction
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to maintain
  • Well-made and sturdy


  • Too heavy at 15.8 lbs
  • No padding or grip

This digger is practically unbreakable because of its shape and design and comes with a lifetime warranty for even more reliability and confidence which makes this unit really worth its price.

3. Seymour S500 Industrial Post Hole Digger

This digger has carbon blades created from metal that allow for simple digging when creating post holes for tasks such as closing in your lawn or garden with a do-it-yourself gate or fence. The 48-inch handle is made from hardwood and has heavy-duty, corrosion-resistant carbon metal blades.

This design means you are getting a strong, reliable product that does the majority of the work involved in hole digging with a minimum effort on your part. Its major design feature is the square cut handles that are dual bolted to yokes for added strength.


  • Northern hardwood lacquered wood handles
  • Blades made of heavy alloy high carbon steel
  • Perfect for loose or sandy soil
  • Great quality


  • Does not work well on hard or dry soil
  • The blade is not sharp enough

Seymour Perfection Post Hole Digger comes with some great features which will definitely help you to dig a hole easily. If you are looking for a digger that does the job with minimal effort, then this one is a good choice.

4. Structron 21215 Hercules Post Hole Digger

Structron is a well-known brand of tools, so you can expect them to generate quality products. And that is just what they have done with the Structron Hercules Post Hole Digger. This post hole digger is created for heavy use. Its fiberglass handles have cushioned grips on one end, and the other end has a typical set of digger blades with a 6.25-inch spread.

This digger provides optimum strength for the most demanding commercial and industrial digging uses. Designed for more durability, its fiberglass handle has a fiberglass main insert that supports the connection to the head. A padded grip provides a better grip and added comfort.


  • Sturdy design
  • Rugged construction
  • Excellent performance
  • Very well made
  • Heavy duty


  • Does not dig properly in sandy areas

Reviewers on Amazon mention that this instrument, while fairly standard, edges out the quality of several of the identical tools available at local big box stores.

Wrap Up

Based on price, unique design, performance, and customer reviews, the Seymour DG-16 ranked as the number one best post hole digger here.

The second best option is the Structron Hercules Post Hole Digger. Although this digger is priced a little bit high as compared to other post hole diggers, the digger will surely give you some serious value for your hard-earned money.