Oregon CS250-S6 Cordless Chain Saw Kit Review

Updated December, 2023

Coming off second on our list is the Oregon CS250-S6 cordless chainsaw which is sold in a kit as well. The kit combines the chainsaw with its actual batteries. There are two options for you to choose from – a 1.25Ah batter or a 2.4Ah one. Both of them are great and in our opinion the price of the chainsaw combined with the stronger battery pack is still cheaper than most other chainsaw kits out there, thus giving the second place to this particular model. After all, affordable tools are what most beginners are after and this combines affordability with good power and great construction.

In this review we will go through some of this chainsaw’s features and see which are its strongest and weakest point compared to its competition. So, without losing further time, let’s just straight into it!

Features That Make It Stand Out


The power from this chainsaw is delivered as soon as you push the trigger. The instant power also has no fade no matter how thick of a wood you are cutting. The biggest advantages here are that there are no pull cords, gas tanks or slow warm-up times which are typical for gas chainsaws. This particular model is also very quiet and has no emissions making it ideal for indoor use.

The power remains the same all the way down to the 25% of the battery’s charge. Then you will start feeling the power fade away. Even then, though, you will see that the 2300 rpms of the chain won’t be easily stopped.

The battery’s power can be stored for months when not in used and won’t fade away thanks to Oregon’s new battery pack technologies. The power packs are also easily interchanged when one of them runs out.

Oregon Cordless CS250-S6 Chain Saw Kit

Product Rating: (4.5/5)

Oregon CS250-S6 Cordless Chain Saw Kit

  • Relatively cheap
  • A lot of safety features
  • Sturdy construction
  • Self-lubrication system
  • Automatic sharpening system
  • LED control board
  • 14 inch bar

Ease Of Use

Weighing at only 11 pounds this chainsaw is ideal for beginners of people that aren’t strong enough to wield a 25+ pound saw. On top of that the rubber ergonomic handle on top makes it very easy to hold as the weight is distributed just right across the body. It also absorbs vibration sparing your hands from the fatigue often accompanying wood cutting.

Bar And Chain

The chain here is one of the strong points of the saw. It has a low profile 3/8 inch pitch combined with a 0.05″ gauge. Combined with the 14 inch bar this becomes a very destructive tool in the hands of the skilled woodcutter.

There is a chain sharpening system in place here which is very fast and sharpens the chain on the go wherever you are. All you have to do is pull the patented “PowerSharp” level and let it roll for a few seconds. After that the chain will cut and behave like new.

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The battery that comes with this pack is only 1.25Ah and runs at 40V max. There is a 2.4Ah version available but you will have to pay a little extra for it. In our opinion, the bigger battery is a must because even with it, this chainsaw remains cheap and you will get more than 2 hours of continuous use on a single charge compared to around 1 hour with the smaller battery pack.

If you are looking for something that will last you longer in terms of battery life and power, we recommend checking out the DEWALT DCCS620P1.


This chainsaw comes with a kickback safety mechanism that will protect you in the case of an unexpected kickback from your tool. There is also a safety chain brake, a trigger interlock and a board which will light up in case of overloading the chainsaw or overheating.


The oil lubrication system on this model is automatic. All you have to do is fill up the lubrication tank which is almost 6 ounces in volume. When full, it will surely last you more than a week. If you are cutting through harder wood or in wet conditions, make sure that you top off the lubrication tank constantly.

Other than that, as with any other tool with that many moving parts, you should regularly inspect all of the screws, nuts, and bolts around the tool. Tighten them up whenever they become loose to prevent further wear and tear.

There are LED indicators for the battery life on the control panel at the back part of the tool’s body. That way you can stay one step ahead of your battery pack and replace it as soon as the charge drops to 20-30% (as recommended).

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Pros And Cons


  • Relatively cheap
  • A lot of safety features
  • Sturdy construction
  • Self-lubrication system
  • Automatic sharpening system
  • LED control board
  • 14 inch bar


  • The battery included in the base pack isn’t strong enough to last you more than an hour
  • Won’t be able to cut through bigger trees
  • Limited warranty options

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Conclusion & Rating

This Rating Was Updated December, 2023: (4.5/5)

Oregon CS250-S6 Cordless Chain Saw Kit

The fact that electric chainsaws are on the rise isn’t strange. A prime example of how these chainsaws can replace their gas counterparts is the Oregon Cordless CS250-S6 Chain Saw. It is powerful and experiences none of the downsides of a gas powered chainsaw.

The automatic chain sharpening and self-lubrication features are unique and rare at this price point. If you are willing to overlook the weaker base model battery pack of 1.25Ah then this is one great bargain for your money.

As a whole we gave it four and a half out of five stars rating.